your self confidence What is Self Confidence?

Self confidence is one of the determinants of an individual’s self-worth. Meaning to say, the amount of confidence that a person has is pretty much equal to the value or importance he or she places on his or her skills, traits, abilities, and personality.

Socrates has once said, “Know thyself”, and this is the key to building and increasing confidence. Never assume that you already know yourself well. Instead, try to make an effort to know more about your personality, traits, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. You may actually be surprised with what you might discover. Once you have done this, analyze how you can work on your weaknesses and use your strengths to your advantage. Self-discovery is the secret to remain strong and grounded in the midst of crises or tough situations.

Your Self Confidence is an amazing resource. We all have it, but some use it better than others. People have been using this since the beginning of time, using for their advantage, and now you too can learn the secret methods of total control of yourself, others and any situation. Have a look at these common everyday situations, be honest with yourself, and see if you can relate to any of them, and I can assure you, that with the correct use of your self confidence, you can fix these, forever.

  • Do you suffer from Panic Attacks regularly?
  • Do you get severe chest pains from anxiety?
  • Do you feel isolated from other people?
  • Feel scared to approach some people?
  • Find it hard to get a partner?
  • Feeling scared to start a new job?
  • How to handle stress?
  • Not sure how to deal with a new situation
  • Can’t stand up and talk, in front of a group
  • Want to make yourself successful in business
  • Are you scared of rejection

These circumstances are common situations we all encounter, everyday. If you build your self confidence you can be sure of positively dealing with these and ANY event.To use confidence correctly, you must learn how. If you use too much confidence you can look like a fool, use it wrong and you can lose friends and people can become uncomfortable in your presence, use it in moderation and correctly, and you will win and feel deep self satisfaction.

Success in Business

Self confidence is undeniably a very important asset but unluckily, not everyone possesses it. In the field of business, you need to be confident with your skills and capabilities and with the business venture itself, especially if you are just in the starting point. Aside from having exceptional business strategies, you need to build a good reputation as a businessman by putting up a strong and confident image. With this, you can attract good partnerships as well as customers who will patronize your products and/or services. How will you be able to do this without self confidence? Moreover, you need to convince investors and clients that you can live up to their expectations and that you and your business is worthy of their time and money. Presenting your ideas and business proposals clearly and confidently is a surefire way of gaining their trust and approval. And, apart from dealing with business partners and clients, self confidence is also necessary when interacting with your employees to manifest your authority so that they will respect you.

Climbing the corporate ladder needs a lot of hard work but all your efforts will go unnoticed if you do not have confidence in yourself and in your work. Be proud of your accomplishments and humbly accept compliments from co-workers and superiors; do not try to downgrade their praises. Soon, you will observe that they are paying more attention to you and to the ideas that you present during meetings and discussions. You will gain more respect and your efforts might eventually be rewarded with a promotion. Just continue your stride and shortly, you might achieve the success in career that you have wanted for so long.

Success in Life

Often, people who have low self confidence are underachievers; they tend to dismiss their ideas and opinions as unworthy of other people’s attention. They are afraid to speak their minds during discussions for the fear that they might be rejected. Their social circles are also very limited because they refuse to interact with strangers.

Do not be afraid to take calculated risks. If the outcome is good, it may lead to an improvement in your life but if not, consider it as a lesson. Mistakes and rejections are not really negative because they help improve your personality and give you courage to withstand more difficult situations in life.

Be confident and try to have a small talk with strangers. Who knows, they might become one of your very good friends in the future. Grab every opportunity to expand your social circle and be friendly to everyone. This is also a good way to impress the man or woman you are attracted to. If he or she sees that you have a great personality, he or she might be interested to befriend you and get to know you better.

By believing and trusting in your skills and capabilities, your loved ones will believe and trust in you also. This will pull you closer together and allow you to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with them because in the end, all that will matter to you is the happiness of the people you love.


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